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If You're a Police Officer, You've Been Douped! 

We were warned by the FBI about domestic white supremacy terrorist and now they walk the halls of congress and they're laughing at us. They also occupy police departments nationwide but that's about to come to an end, thanks to Project Safe Hands, good cops and True Blue Supporters of the men in blue. 

 'You Can Fool Some of The People All of The Time, All of The People Some of The Time, But NEVER all of The People All of The Time.'  - Abe Lincoln -

When there's a traffic stop, two people meet who know nothing about each other--the police officer and the motorist.  Depending on the reason you were stopped in the first place---the experience can be anywhere from pleasant to dreadful, even deadly. If the motorist hears an officer shout 'SHOW ME YOUR HANDS,' he feels that his life might be in danger and that's not a good sign. He or she may have even drawn their weapon at that point. The police may pull you over for a minor traffic offense such as a taillight that's out---with hopes of finding something more serious to arrest you for. This is called a pre textual stop.


There are good cops and bad cops just like in any other profession .  As a retired detective with 32 years of experience with the DC Police Dept., City Security Consultants and Homeland Security Consultant – I’m deeply concerned about safety. Many of todays police involved shootings, including those of George Floyd and Daunte Wright were the result of a traffic stop gone bad, poor training and the inability of the motorist to communicate with the officer, which at times can be hard to do when looking down the barrel of a gun.  Some motorist may feel extremely intimidated and rightfully so! Many police officers are trained killers through no fault of their own--straight out of the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. It doesn't help when motorist feel they know the law well enough to put officers on trial, on the side of the roadway because they disagree with why they were stopped. 


Some motorists are disrespectful. Disrespect however--- is no reason for an officer to lose his or her self control. Officers are trained to take verbal abuse, it comes with the job---as long as the verbal abuse doesn't turn physical and the verbiage is not offensive to others. Unfortunately very few cops have that type of self control.  With that in mind, I (Jimi Bethel, retired DC Police Detective ) invented Safe Hands a commonsensical pair of 1/2 mitts that cover only the drivers fingers and greatly lessens the ability to possess a weapon in ones hands. Project Safe Hands(a group of retired law enforcement) teaches citizens the use of Safe Hands and 'How to 'Survive The Dreaded Traffic Stop'. Some of what we've covered is in The 10 Rules Movie. It's short 38 min. and a must see. According to the FBI, police departments nationwide are infiltrated with White Domestic Supremacist Cops and because of this---all of our lives are in danger---including the lives of good cops who far outnumber the bad. 


To make matters even worse is the average time it takes to investigate police involved shootings, (6 months to 2 years). Cops involved in these shootings are placed on paid admin. leave. Some, I feel---use these shootings as a way of supplementing their income by working side jobs.(departmental policies may vary on this). This is the reason some shooting victims are shot multiple times by numerous cops. They're all usually placed on paid admin. leave (depending again on the department) pending an investigation and results of ballistics. Because of qualified immunity, bad cops have nothing to lose because they can't be sued but this may soon change.


We'll be reaching out to the NFL, MLB and NBA to educate young black and brown athletes on how to interact with cops who for some reason feel the necessity to stop these athletes because of the stereotype linking minorities and expensive cars to drugs. When this happens, the line of questioning and how questions are answered can be quite incriminating. A  small booklet, 'SURVIVING THE DREADED TRAFFIC STOP' as well as The Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence will be included with the purchase of a pair of Safe Hands, there's more exciting news in the works so check back often..


It's not my intention to make this political but one party has a strong belief in guns and little to no belief in background checks. They also claim to love their cops but most from their party refused to honor our heroes  after the insurrection at the U.S. Capital. They even voted against a bill to establish a 911 style  commission to investigate why the insurrection even happened. They've made the streets unsafe for cops by allowing automatic weapons and long guns that are much more powerful than what  cops are issued to flood the streets. They even legalized the sale of silencers to private citizens and called it the Hearing Protection Act. I call that stupid! I suffer from hearing loss from pistol range shooting. Try getting S.S.I Disability for hearing loss from all the pistol range shooting! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!


There was a shooting at the Coors Beer Factory in Milwaukee, WI on Feb.26, 2020 that killed 5, and a silencer was used, quiet  as it was kept---no pun intended. Do they really love cops? We've been duped, lied to! I invented and received patent on this commonsensical product Safe Hands to save lives on traffic stops.  A recent study of 100 million traffic stops done by Stanford University over a period of ten years says it all---blacks are disproportionately stopped by and killed by cops. We don't need any more statistics to show us a problem we know exists. There shouldn't be any acceptable number of any race unlawfully killed by cops and yes, BLACK LIVES MATTER and must matter in order for all lives to matter because ALL means the whole or entirety. So, no matter what color you are---your life matters. 


Stay tuned, visit often, donate and be a difference maker, not a trouble maker and remember, Safe Hands benefit the families of police officers killed in the line of duty while making traffic stops, The Wounded Warriors and Wrongful Death Victims. God Bless.

Jimi Bethel

Retired DC Police Detective/Founder/Author

Project Safe Hands

1959 S Power Rd suite 103-180

Mesa, AZ 85206 


Safe Hands are manufactured by Edna Products, 1959 S Power Rd., Mesa, AZ 85206   email       1 888 885 6712


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Safe Hands

What are Safe Handstm?

A method of making visible -- the hands of motorist, especially at night -- on traffic stops.


By using a pair of reflective patent pending half mittens that cover only the fingers of the driver’s hands, leaving the thumbs exposed,

making it literally impossible to conceal a weapon.


One of the main reasons an officer gives for firing his or her weapon is often the fact that they couldn’t see or didn’t see the motorist hands or thought the motorist was reaching for a gun.

These mitts save lives! According to the FBI and Force Science Institute -- death by traffic stop is now the number one cause of police fatality nationwide. Remove the fear during traffic stops while showing support for POLICE OFFICERS killed in the line of duty while making traffic stops as well as WOUNDED WARRIORS, and WRONGFUL DEATH VICTIMS. 

How do they work?

These mitts are designed to cover only the fingers, leaving the thumbs exposed and lessening the chance of concealing a weapon within. They are attached by a 4 inch cord. These mitts are attached that way to limit the movement of a motorist hands and promote a safer environment for the officer and motorist on a traffic stop.

They 're made from high visibility mesh with 100% polyurethane filling.

What is The Purpose Again?

The objective is to save lives of officers and motorist. To give financial support to WOUNDED WARRIORS and WRONGFUL DEATH VICTIMS.

All of this and more will be achieved when the use of Safe Hands is mandated by the U.S Congress -- for all registered vehicles in the United States. Call your congressman and go to to donate or click the donate button below.

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